Wow, It’s shy of a year and a half since I updated this main webpage. It’s the only page that changes periodically. usually I update it about every six months. I’ve done a fair number of blog posts but this page is the main page for my website.

    Usually I have three important item pictures at the top of the page. This year, in my immediate family, there were two major events. First was the birth of our grandson Lincoln to daughter Danielle and son in law Todd. The second was the marriage of daughter Jennifer to Mike in September of 2017.

    There was a third event too. Nephew Jamie and his wife Niki also had a baby boy about the same time as Lincoln arrived. His name is Jacob.

    These events kept everyone busy and we’ve been so pleased that our daughter’s lives are continuing to progress in such a wonderful way.

    I built a bunch of stuff in the past year.

The murphy desk for Danielle to be able to collapse and get it out of the way. Or use it as she works from home. And it’s cousin, the murphy table for the same reasons.

A bridal chest for Jenn

An easel and Taboret

A deck in Old Town

All made possible with a new high tech table saw. What a wonderful machine... Sawstop, the blade retracts in 5 thousands of a second if your finger touches it.

   Also, this year saw the passing of our dear sister Eunice. A sad time indeed. Enough said. sigh....

    This year I’m also weathering the onset of arthritis. Two types. One is the regular old age arthritis. I notice it in two fingers and my left shoulder when I use it too much and a general on and off discomfort in various joints. The left arm has 90% of the mileage on it as I’ve had Erbs Palsy in my right arm since birth and I’ve not used it nearly as much. My doctor told me it would rise to haunt me later in life. The second is stenosis of the neck. I had an operation on it a few years ago but the narrowing of vertebrae in my neck is continuing. Not much pain but weaker arms and more pronounced numbness in my neck and shoulder muscles. I’m not sure what the endgame is with this but I notice changes each year. Hopefully slow progression will outlast me.

    The items below were on last years list. Most were accomplished. In fact the two that weren’t done were for reasons. The one to remove the rock chimney was tabled as I decided to try and save it. So far so good. The second item not checked below was shorter event driven camping trips. Since I write this in Illinois on the way back home after traveling over 5000 miles, I guess we’re still doing longer trips.

Things we wanted to accomplish in the previous post:

  1. BulletNew roof on the garage...

  2. BulletRemove the rock chimney and replace it with a stainless one. Not as pretty, but more functional.

  3. BulletDesign and  mount a wall easel for painting.

  4. BulletBuild a deck at Kristen’s and Rory’s in Old Town.

  5. BulletBuild a desk for Danielle as she works part time at home with the new baby.

  6. BulletBuild a bridal chest for Jennifer before her wedding.

  7. BulletAttend Mike and Jenn’s wedding in Fryeburg NH.

  8. BulletAccomplish some plumbing and cosmetic updates to Carlene’s bathroom.

  9. BulletBuild a dining room table for Todd and Danielle.

  10. BulletShorter, event oriented camping trips

  11. BulletContinue to realize my great fortune to be married to Joyce.

  12. BulletContinue to appreciate my two great daughters and their significant others.

  13. BulletThis year I’m adding appreciation for the rest of my family. They’re always in my mind.

A new list for the foreseeable future: slightly less ambitious.

  1. BulletDo some work at the rental in town. I need to do more maintenance items on it. I did some last year but before I get on too much in years...

  2. BulletA garden shed for Todd and Danielle? And, some work in their basement.

  3. BulletConvert the catamaran I purchased last year into a fishing platform.

  4. BulletFishing.

  5. BulletMake a kitchen table?

  6. BulletRedo the cellar stairway.

  7. BulletVisits to our kid’s and grandchild’s homes.

  8. BulletContinue to realize my great fortune to be married to Joyce.

  9. BulletContinue to appreciate my two great daughters and their significant others.

  10. BulletAppreciation for the rest of my family. They’re always in my mind.


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